Briggs & Stratton 4L oil & fuel extractor pump


The Briggs & Stratton 4L oil & fuel extractor pump - Suitable for the extraction of oil, water and fuel from outdoor power equipment, cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, marine engines, stationary engines and other machinery - Long reach hose allows fluid to be extracted through filler or dipstick holes - Up to 4L of fluid can be collected without mess or spillage - Contents: Collection Tank - 4.0L, Siphon Pump, Suction Hose, Cap (small) - Suction Hose, Cap (large) - tank, Funnel, Shut-Off clip

Step 1: Getting Started

Start the engine and run it until it is warm. Stop the engine. WARNING: Be sure to disconnect the spark plug wire, and secure it away from the spark plug to prevent accidental starting. Clean around the oil fill and drain plug area to prevent dirt and debris from falling into the crankcase (see photo at right). Remove the dipstick, if equipped.

Step 2: Draining The Oil

Remove dipstick, wipe off, and set aside. Feed hose down dipstick tube until it bottoms out in the sump. Pump until oil ceases to come through the tube.

Step 3: Engines with Oil Filters

If your engine has an oil filter, replace it at least once per season. Replace the oil filter by twisting counterclockwise on the body, using a filter wrench or pipe wrench. Examine the sealing surface on the oil filter adapter for debris or gasket material. Lightly oil the filter gasket with clean engine oil. Install a new filter, screwing in by hand until the gasket contacts the filter adapter (see photo at right). Tighten the filter an additional 1/2 to 3/4 turn.

Step 4: Fill With New Oil

Pour in the correct amount and approved type of oil for your engine, based on this oil capacity chart , or your operator manual. If you have two oil fill plugs (normally yellow or white in color) on each side of the engine, either one can be used to fill the engine with oil to the correct level. Please do not fill the engine with oil without using the correct measuring device as illustrated in your operator’s manual.

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