Replace Your Spark Plug for the Season

After working hard during the spring and summer seasons, replacing the spark plug on your outdoor power equipment is a must ' especially after continuous use. Changing the spark plug is critical to the overall health of a lawn mower, as it's responsible for starting the engine.

To keep your equipment moving, it is important to check the spark plug before operation and after every 25 hours of use; replacement is usually needed after 100 hours of use, or at the end of every season.

Keep in mind, instructions may vary slightly depending on your type of equipment, so it's recommended to review your operator's manual for specific instructions. Here's how you can change the spark plug on your engine:

1. Make sure the engine is upright and level

2. Remove the safety key (if equipped)

3. Carefully, disconnect the spark plug wire ' keeping it away from the spark plug

4. Use an extended spark plug wrench to remove the old spark plug

5. Replace the spark plug with the genuine part made specifically for the engine ' review owner's manual for illustrated instructions

6. Using the spark plug wrench, tighten the spark plug until it is seated securely

7. Carefully reconnect the spark plug wire

8. Reinstall the safety key (if equipped)

9. Proper maintenance will keep the engine running smooth and your equipment ready for its next job

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